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Looking to purchase or design a gravestone, marker or other memorial for you or a loved one?

Make an appointment to visit the
Catholic Monument Design Center. We can help you design a memorial to express a life and keep remembrance alive.

Don’t select a monument from a catalog!

Our Memorial Design Specialist Jeff Touchette will help you design the perfect memorial for your family. Create a customized memorial with our specialized  computer design program.

Purchasing a  marker or gravestone monument from Albany Diocesan Cemeteries provides revenue to support and maintain your Catholic cemetery. 

Ask yourself about the kind of memorial that will best commemorate you or a loved one and provide a fitting remembrance for family and friends to visit.

Here is a brief overview of the monument and memorial options available

Memorials & Markers

Memorials & Markers

We can help you choose and customize an appropriate memorial from a wide array of cast bronze markers and granite monuments from the finest manufacturers. Memorials are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and prices.  

Our specialist can help you c
reate a customized gravestone, marker or memorial that is a fitting legacy and a symbol of your everlasting love.

Purchasing your family memorial from Albany Diocesan Cemeteries also helps sustain and preserve your Catholic cemetery.

Memorial Tributes

Memorial Tributes

In addition to the traditional memorial on a gravestone or crypt, many families choose a memorial tribute to commemorate a loved one.

  • Mausoleum Emblems and Portraits
    Choose from over thirty bronze emblems depicting a favorite saint or religious representation.

    Memorial portraits evoke happy memories preserve of your loved one's legacy for future generations.

  • Mausoleum Artwork
    Dedicate beautiful mosaics and icons in the memory of a loved one.

  • Memorial Butterflies
    Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, resurrection, and celebration. These beautiful bronze 5"-6" butterflies are displayed on a Memorial Wall in memory of a loved one.
  • Memorial Trees
    What better way to keep your loved one's memory alive than a living tribute in their name. Your one time donation includes either a sapling or an established tree, provided by the cemetery. 
    A commemorative bronze plaque attached to a granite base adds dignity to a memorial tree.

  • Memorial Bluebird Boxes
    Hand constructed of cypress wood, and placed in the cemetery in a location determined by the cemetery staff, this bird house includes an inscribed memorial plaque.
  • Memorial Benches
    Cremation benches offer a unique style of memorialization.  These Cremation memorials allow a comforting place for reflection and remembrance of loved ones.  All of our granite benches are made with the best quality material.  Cremation benches come in many shapes and sizes, and custom benches can also be designed. Granite benches can be inscribed with a special memorial. Cremation benches are only available in certain sections of select cemeteries. 
Private Mausoleums & Family Heritage Lots

Private Mausoleums & Family Heritage Lots

Custom landscaping and distinctive memorialization is available on estate lots.

Family Heritage lots can accommodate either a private family mausoleum or in-ground burial spaces.

Contact Jeff Touchette,Memorial Design Specialist

Contact Jeff Touchette,
Memorial Design Specialist

For an appointment call (518) 350-7678

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