Cemetery Delmar NY A tradition of faith in Jesus Christ and the hope provided by His resurrection can bring an unspeakable gift of peace as you face the loss of a loved one. Part of the Catholic beliefs invites deep respect for the body, either living or dead. Deceased remains should be treated with the utmost reverence and respect since one day, this body will be taken up in the resurrection. Laying the body in a sacred space such as one of the Catholic cemeteries in Delmar, NY, and surrounding areas can help you feel some comfort at this tender time.

A Variety of Burial Solutions at Area Cemeteries in Delmar, NY

Beautifully designed final disposition spaces can be found in Calvary Cemetery. If a more natural burial is wanted, that is also a possibility. Like other Catholic cemeteries in Delmar, NY, and the surrounding areas, there are above and below-ground solutions. Here are a few options and sections of interest; visit our website or location for a complete list.

Traditional Burial: Below-ground burial of the deceased is a traditional practice that provides a practical and respectful solution. Ground burial may require a grave liner (burial vault) or no grave liner depending on your space's cemetery section. The primary purpose of the vault is to give stability to the grave, preventing giant sinkholes and settling from developing. This is especially helpful in the more manicured areas of the cemetery since it makes mowing much more manageable.

Urn Garden: Pleasing landscapes, shrubs, and walkways can make these gardens a place you feel a sense of comfort when visiting. Here inurned cremated remains may be buried and memorialized. Having this place of permanency to see the resting site and feel close to your loved one can be very healing.

Lawn Crypt: Choose a lawn crypt for a preinstalled double-depth concrete style crypt often designed for two sets of remains. The burial of the second set of remains does not need to happen simultaneously with the first. The lawn crypt is considered by many to be a superior vault option that increases the likelihood of a drier, cleaner grave.

Mausoleums: Structures designed to entomb the remains above ground are called mausoleums. Private mausoleums can be purchased for families or groups of people who wish to be buried together. The mausoleum itself can become an impressive monument. Community mausoleums may hold the remains of many unrelated persons in individual burial compartments. These buildings are beautiful and well kept.

Green Burial Sites : If a more gentle and natural return to the earth is wanted, consider burial in one of the green plots available in the St. Michael's Meadow Natural Burial Preserve. Specific stipulations in body preparation and encasements may apply for burial to occur here. All of this supports the goal of the most biodegradable solutions. The preserve itself is meadowlike and boasts wildflowers in season. Simple headstones hewn from granite are supplied by the cemetery as grave markers. Other d├ęcor is not permitted in this section.

Veteran's Section: An area set aside expressly for those who have honorably served our country through military service is available in the veteran's section. Though the site is exclusively reserved for qualifying individuals, we welcome these heroes for burial in any of the areas in our cemetery that that family or preplans dictate.

Taking Care of Your Loved One's Final Resting Place

Having a place of beauty and tranquility for your loved one's resting place is a beginning. As close relations, you may also choose to place decorations (as allowed) and may decide to take on the periodic cleaning of headstones or grave markers. In either case, it is a good idea to learn about the specific rules and regulations governing these subjects at your chosen burial park. Staying informed about cleaning schedules and mass decoration removals can help you keep ahead and preserve any sentimental items from being discarded.

If you are looking to clean the grave marker from dirt or dust deposits, learn all you can about the materials that make up this marker. Always use gentle products and soft brushes or cloth tools to prevent damage to the stone or plaque. If you wish to weed around earth-bound graves, talk with the cemetery caretakers to determine what protocols may be allowable. By working with your establishment, your loved one can have a well-kept gravesite that honor's their memory.

A Serene & Sacred Resting Place

Having a sacred healing place for families and individuals who are grieving can be a helpful tool when walking through loss and mourning. Any Catholic cemeteries in Delmar, NY, and surrounding areas would be remarkable to support this goal and provide a respected, sacred site for your loved one's final disposition. Our serene and lovingly maintained burial ground is found at 481 Route 9W, Glenmont, NY 12077. Direct your questions to our well-informed and caring staff at Calvary Cemetery by calling 518-463-0134 with inquiries.