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A sacred place, a Catholic cemetery serves the faithful and witnesses to the entire world the Good News of Jesus Christ and the hope we share in the resurrection. It is a place where the signs and  symbols of our faith are displayed with pride and reverence. A Catholic Cemetery is the appropriate place for gathering in ritual prayer, such as the Right of Committal as well as a fitting place for private prayer and reflection.Please join us for memorial masses and remembrance services, history lectures, art classes, and gallery exhibits. Visit our News & Events page for upcoming events, and subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

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February, 2024

  1. Wed
    Bereavement Support Group
    Grief is a difficult emotion to cope with and can be very isolating. We recognize and experience the grief of loss with our visitors every day. So many visiting the cemetery feel an emptiness that can be overwhelming and difficult to share with others. Grief is not something that can be cured; however, you may find comfort and understanding in talking with other people that are experiencing grief and loss, similar to you. Our bereavement support group provides a safe and confidential place for those who are grieving to share their stories, experiences, show compassion to one another, and remember loved ones. Are you unsure if you’re ready or want to talk or share your experience?   We welcome those who may just want to try a bereavement support group and listen in a comforting, no pressure environment. Please note that this is not formal counseling. Our trained facilitators will help guide the conversation and ensure everyone is comfortable in a safe and confidential environment. Our bereavement support group is free of charge and open to anyone struggling with the loss of a loved one.   The 1st Wednesday of each month: 10:00 – 11:30 AM (no session January 3, 2024)   The Living Room Art Gallery at Historic St. Agnes Cemetery 48 Cemetery Ave. Menands, NY 12204   There is no fee to attend, but please pre-register with Kelly: (518) 350-7679 or [email protected]

July, 2024

  1. Thu
    Independence Day- Business offices are closed
    Albany Diocesan Cemetery business offices are closed for Independence Day. We will re-open for normal business hours July 5th at 8:30am.

September, 2024

  1. Mon
    Fall Cemetery Visiting Hours
    Labor Day - Columbus Day: Fall cemetery visiting hours are 7:30am – 6pm. Gate hours are generally daylight hours, unless otherwise noted. Thank you for visiting us!
  2. Mon
    Labor Day- Business offices are closed
    Albany Diocesan Cemetery business offices are closed in observance of Labor Day. We will re-open for normal business hours the following day at 8:30am.

October, 2024

  1. Wed
    Staff Training Session- Offices Close at Noon
    Albany Diocesan Cemetery offices will close at Noon for a staff training. We will re-open for normal business hours the following day at 8:30am.

November, 2024

  1. Fri
    Fall Cemetery Clean-Up
    The Fall cemetery and lot decoration cleanup will begin on November 1 at all Albany Diocesan Cemeteries. Lot owners are requested to remove any decorations they wish to save before November 1st. Fresh cut flowers in an approved vase are always permitted provided they are in good condition. Also any new seasonal decoration may be left providing the decoration is in accordance with the current Cemetery Rules and Regulations. All other decorations will be removed during the cleanup. The cleanup of all cemeteries takes some time, and depending on weather and the number of burials, may take a week to complete. During the cleanups, cemetery staff removes and discards all items from graves. Operations employees are instructed to leave any permitted seasonal decoration that appears to be newly placed. Of course, this is a judgment call for our staff, so it is better to wait until after the cleanup to place seasonal decorations. Items placed in violation of cemetery rules and regulations or in disrepair may be removed and discarded at any time. Annual clean-up dates generally start:  Feb.1 (new date), Apr. 1, Nov. 1 Thank you for helping to keep our cemeteries beautiful!
  2. Wed
    Thanksgiving Eve- Business offices close at Noon
    Albany Diocesan Cemetery business offices will close at Noon on Thanksgiving Eve. Blessings to all workers/chefs/drivers for our Thanksgiving Day preparations!
  3. Thu
    Thanksgiving Day- Business offices are closed
    Albany Diocesan Cemetery business offices are closed Thanksgiving Day. We will re-open for normal business hours Friday at 8:30am.

December, 2024

  1. Fri
    Staff Christmas "Gathering"- business offices close at 12pm.
    Albany Diocesan Cemetery business offices will close at 12:00 pm to celebrate Christmas. While we usually gather to celebrate with a nice party, this year we will celebrate socially distant from the comfort of our homes. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, 8:30am - 4pm. Our ADC family wishes you and your family a healthy and blessed Christmas season!