What To Do When Death Occurs

Through difficult moments and the days after loss, we’re here to help.

When a death occurs, the family will be faced with as many as 67 decisions that have to be made almost immediately.

If you have wisely pre-planned and secured cemetery space in advance of a loved one passing, you simply have to contact the funeral home.  They will handle the arrangements for the burial.  The decision was already made together, so there is no second guessing as to what your loved one would have wanted.If you did not make pre-arrangements and a death occurs, you must choose: 

1. a funeral home

2. a cemetery

3. the option of burial, entombment or cremation

4. the type of memorialization she/he would have desired

5. the type of arrangements

6. the funeral liturgy

…and much more, all on what may well be the worst day of your loved ones lives.  These decisions are emotionally exhausting, time consuming and costly, as many services and merchandise must be paid for up front. 

For a practical discussion of the steps that need to made, here is a helpful link: http://www.aarp.org/home-family/friends-family/info-06-2012/when-loved-one-dies-checklist.html

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