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Catholic Funeral Plan

The Catholic Funeral Plan®

A faith-based, pre-need plan for you and your loved ones

The Catholic Funeral Plan® is a faith-based, pre-need plan that allows Catholic families to plan their funeral arrangements in advance. 

The plan guarantees that, when you die, the funeral arrangements you've selected will be delivered as planned and in accordance with the liturgical traditions of the Church.

The Catholic Funeral Plan® preserves, promotes and protects important faith and liturgical traditions of the Church. The Plan provides a practical planning tool to ensure that the faithful will receive a funeral that they have desired, in the full faith and tradition of the Church.

When a person is enrolled in the Catholic Funeral Plan®, they select the funeral home of their choice and determine the arrangements that best suit them, at a price they feel is appropriate.  The funeral home will provide those arrangements at the time of death.  The Catholic Funeral Plan® oversees the process so that arrangements are carried out as specified and in the Catholic tradition. 

The Catholic Funeral Plan® is funded by an insurance policy issued by Loyal Christian Benefit Association

Benefits for You and Your Family

Benefits for You and Your Family

The Catholic Funeral Plan® offers a number of benefits to Catholic Families:

  • The Plan is a way to protect the Church’s teachings and to guarantee Catholic families an affordable funeral in the traditions of their Church.
  • Enrollees will have the peace of mind of knowing that their family will be spared the burden of making decisions about their funeral and burial, leaving no doubt as to their wishes.
  • They will have the assurance that they have provided for the cost of their funeral.  The insurance policy protects against inflation and grows in value every year. If the policy benefit exceeds the funeral costs, the excess will be paid to a designated beneficiary.

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