Plan for the Day.

Why it makes sense to make choices now.

Here’s the truth: selecting a final resting place in advance saves loved ones from having to make additional decisions during grief, and allows you decide how you wish to celebrate life, love and honor who you are. The alternative is often confusion, disagreement and guesswork. So, it’s smart to make these choices now. That way they’re not made on your behalf, at an emotional moment.

"You have given me peace of mind that someday my family will be spared all the indecision and know that I have had my wishes honored, resting in a very beautiful, consecrated place with loved ones."   - J.S. 

The benefits to your family will be real and appreciated, ranging from spiritual choices to financial assistance. From selecting an ideal permanent memorial, to designing the service, to paying in advance, you can make the day exactly as you imagine it. And your loved ones will know they’re fulfilling your wishes. Which is exactly how they should feel. Keep reading to learn more.

Family matters.

Your family is everything. So the last thing you’d want is to put them in a difficult position. A time of loss is a time of confusion, but your final arrangements don’t have to add to the uncertainty. Planning your cemetery services can save your loved ones from having to make decisions while they’re grieving. And they won’t have to guess what you’d want. Planning ahead is the responsible thing to do. Instead of getting bogged down in details, your family will be able to focus on celebrating your life.

“Our family was so grateful for the compassionate care you extended to us when preparing for our parents final resting place.”   - C.M.

Personal service.

The order of Christian Funerals is an important part of the grieving process. For a lot of people, it provides a sense of closure. But it’s difficult to make the service as meaningful as it should be, in such a short amount of time. By making those plans now, including choosing songs and selecting readings, you’ll have the kind of service you want, for everyone you love. In addition, you can design a beautiful permanent memorial. That way, your family will have a dedicated place to reflect and remember.

"The people at St. Agnes Cemetery made a difficult process easier. From the selection of an appropriate niche to the Rite of Committal, everything was handled very professionally and compassionately."  - M. Z.

Financial relief.

Cemetery services are often an unexpected expense. But they don’t have to be. You can choose to fund your pre-arranged plans now, and the costs will be locked in for the future, even if prices for various services and products increase. This is the best way to take the financial burden off your family. So it’s definitely a smart option to consider. Also, please know that your payments and plans can be adjusted later, should your wishes change over time. So there’s nothing to regret by going through the process now. Your decisions don’t have to be final.

"My husband and I recently got married and began discussing after life plans. My grandmother  is buried at St. Agnes and I am interested in finding out if there are any spots near her that are available? Also, I am wondering about costs and payment plans options. We are only 23 so we have a lot of time, but you can never be too prepared. Thank you!"  - R.R.

Plan Ahead Now

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